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VAPAUS - A MASTERCLASS IN MINIMALISMVAPAUS was founded by British brothers, Oliver and Rudi Laing, beyond a need to produce a legacy of magnificent, vintage inspired timepieces. The ambitious pair state openly they are striving to develop a new European brand placed to take a seat beside NOMOS, Stowa and Sinn in terms of beauty quality and technical specification. Commenting, Rudi stated: "We are very aware that we now have set a herculean goal; but we did so safe knowing we might considerably more motivated to try to place one of several leaders of the genre, instead of languish one of several more compromised alternatives; when ever you are looking for quality, we come across these three extraordinary brands as setting the bar for transcendent, minimal luminor panerai gmt watches , vintage-inspired wrist replica watches." The Vapaus Veil project currently is reside on KickStarter:Standing tall amongst giantsTo stand tall in this company, you must do a gift. The VAPAUS Veli delivers which has a volley of striking features:Exquisite 1950s-inspired design, emerge a modest 38mm case, the right size to gently modernize an existing inspired design.High-arched Sapphire Crystal with anti-reflective coating.Swiss Made - premium Swiss Sellita SW215-1 movement with bespoke colour-matched date wheel.Ultra-Slim only 9.65mm including apex of crystal.Remarkable value at 1/3 the buying price of comparable replica watches.High-arched Sapphire CrystalThe beautiful, high-arched sapphire crystal of the VAPAUS Veli deserves special discussion; it is an extremely desirable and rare feature in modern watchmaking. The reason behind it is fairly simple - they are expensive to create. In the modern watch landscape it is hard to find comparable examples, only one timepiece that does springs to mind may be the Oris - John Coltrane (Special), offering a stupendous high-arched sapphire crystal similar in profile for the Veli. The Oris John Coltrane, which contains a Swiss Sellita movement (albeit re-labelled since the Oris Caliber 733), is just over the budget for many, with an RRP of $2,200. The VAPAUS Veli launched on KickStarter at only 499 GBP (~$650).Swiss Made using a Sellita SW215-1 movement with a bespoke colour-matched date wheelThe brothers state that the Veli being Swiss Made has never been vital to them. "We would've happily manufactured the primary VAPAUS watch in Germany; notably fine houses like Stowa, Sinn and NOMOS are typical German made. However, our chosen-manufacturing partner's close working relationship with Sellita and knowledge of our uncompromising approach; twinned with a significant quantity of negotiation, triggered us having the capacity to colour-match the date wheel from the Veli." This significant, and strange, feature sets the Veli apart from the throng.Entrepreneurial verveFounding a watch business is a high-end business. Notably britain's most successful new mechanical watch manufacturer, Christopher Ward, was initiated after his talented partners Mike France and Peter Ellis sold earlier Learning Centre for the significant sum.When questioned for the similarities between VAPAUS and Christopher Ward, Oliver stated: "Although the financial circumstances and design ethos individuals respective brands differ dramatically; Christopher Ward story was a lot a motivation inside the genesis in our brand. The founders had tremendous pluck and gumption. They embark to develop a worldwide watch brand name they this around the back of hard work, transparent pricing and sound decision-making.""In the same vein of entrepreneurial verve, replica rolex submariner ebay watches we funded the event and prototyping of our first watch outside of your own pockets. We refined four working prototypes during a period of less than a couple of years before turning to the crowdfunding website KickStarter to produce VAPAUS."To those of you that are not familiar with crowdfunding, it essentially operates by the project creator showing off their vision through video and text, then taking pre-orders for your finished concept. These 'pledges' are merely charged towards the possible client in the event the project reaches a funding target the creator sets. VAPAUS' project for the Veli can be viewed here:www.kickstarter.com/projects/vapaus/vapaus-veli-1950s-inspired-luxury-hand-wound-swiss/descriptionNaturally, more ambitious projects need a more funding. The Veli set a funding goal of 100,000 USD; this significant sum would be a necessary because of the price of the two Swiss movement and also the high-arched sapphire. In reality, this was the highest target ever embarked upon to get a mechanical wristwatch. Reflecting with this, Rudi commented: "We were stunned through the reaction when we finally launched the Veli. The first Edition designs of the Slate Grey and Fast dials sold out very quickly, and that we have built an awesome relationship with our community of backers. We hit our funding target with well over 20 days to spare, that has been really remarkable, and a lot of beyond our expectations."Freedom of info and also the human soulVapaus means freedom in Finnish, both freedom of data and the human soul already feel embedded in the VAPAUS brand.Straight from the outset of the company VAPAUS shared its design concepts and inspirations freely through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest; and open watch forums such as Watch-U-Seek and Reddit. In the event the brothers felt not far from an ideal design, they opened the doors further by launching a SurveyMonkey questionnaire, which asked the previously mentioned forum users as well as their expanding subsciber lists, detailed queries about factors of the Veli and how they thought the style could possibly be further improved.Discussing this open approach, Oliver commented: "On paper it will have seemed that people were taking a significant risk by relentlessly ploughing more and more of the money into developing the Veli; nevertheless the risk was justified by feedback from your true watch aficionados on Watch-U-Seek, Reddit and our mailing list. It turned out clear from my surveys and detailed conversations with fellow watch lovers that there would be a world to get a vintage-inspired 38mm watch together with the stunning feature set in the Veli. This gave us the arrogance to quite literally bet our houses around the project."Seven days to the campaign the VAPAUS Veli received a glowing review from Zach Weiss cheap replica watches , founding father of Worn and Wound:http://wornandwound.com/review/hands-vapaus-veli/The detailed, insightful, hands-on review and stunning photography generated the Veli project reaching a much wider audience than anticipated, ultimately causing the work being funded well in front of schedule. Zach's feedback also ended in VAPAUS determining to slightly extend the crown with the watch as a way to perfect the winding experience.In discussing the option of the name VAPAUS, Oliver revealed: "On a much more personal level, the naming with the business is tied into my relationship with my pal. I founded the business with Rudi that's a composer ( www.rudiarapahoe.com). This year he labored on an art installation called 'Contraction' using the Danish artist Martin Thaulow. Cellular phone was in fact in accordance with the beautiful island of Bornholm from the Baltic sea, but later travelled to Copenhagen. He previously had a wonderful adventure in Denmark, meeting Thaulow's family, friends, other artists and musicians. Travel is so good for the soul. This later translated into Rudi i travelling together to a different location within the Nordic region annually; few plans, 2 weeks, minimal luggage ?We all experience this kind of a sense of freedom on the travels together. It is hard to put into words, but it's like this time stayed about if we returned to your UK, at the way we made decisions in our, and exactly how we planned for future years. In naming the manufacturer we would have liked an expression that encapsulated this sensation and our adventures together in Europe."The VAPAUS Watch WalletThe VAPAUS team's creativity expands beyond replica watches, into luxury leather goods. Expanding, Oliver stated "As watch lovers and frequent travelers, we have been searching for somewhere to maintain our travel essentials - passport, tickets, plastic cards and, of course, replica watches. Struggle to get the perfect travel wallet, we chose to create your own."The stunning VAPAUS Watch Travel Wallet features:luxurious milled Napa leathersoft wool felt pockets to maintain 3 replica watches safely ensconceddense padding to defend your replica watches against impactpassport pocketslots for 4 credit / frequent flyer cardspen holder for airport formsThese luxurious leather travel wallets can be obtained on KickStarter for 95 (the RRP post KickStarter is slated to be 149).The future of VAPAUSWith their first watch already funded as well as set for delivery in November, VAPAUS is taking its initial step towards its objective of building popular new European watch brand. When inquired about the long run, Rudi responded: "The next Ninety days is going to be really exciting. We're completely centered on delivering the Veli promptly and to your own uncompromising standards. In background, we're also inside creative stages of our own second model. It really is an excitement to work creatively together, and that we already believe that, conceptually, we've got alighted upon something remarkable." If VAPAUS' sophomore effort lives up to the commercial and significant success on the Veli, next the brothers' lofty ambitions for that brand could be within reach. Can be.